Amanda & Patrick
Adventure to the Viera Wetlands!

So many gorgeous couples this engagement season!!!  And I LOVE these two; they are both musicians!  We all have so much in common, we were insta-friends.  So this session was a walk in the park, or rather, wetlands hehe.

Amanda told me that she liked grassy fields and since we don’t have many of those here in the tropical region, I decided to take her to the next closest thing, the Viera Wetlands.  It’s an adventure out there down a long dirt road but so worth the hike!  Just make sure if you head out there that you leave well before sunset.  I have been locked in on more than one occasion lol!

Thank you guys for hanging out with me and for being such good sports, I can’t wait for your wedding day!

I adore!! They are too cute together!
viera wetlands engagement shoots_0007viera wetlands engagement shoots_0008viera wetlands engagement shoots_0010viera wetlands engagement shoots_0011viera wetlands engagement shoots_0012SOOOO beautiful!viera wetlands engagement shoots_0013This is way to easy for him!viera wetlands engagement shoots_0014viera wetlands engagement shoots_0015They belong in a magazine.viera wetlands engagement shoots_0016

Vendor Spotlight!
Olivia Bowen Bridal, Historic Downtown Melbourne, FL

A mini shoot at Olivia Bowen Bridal!?  What a treat!!  Sierra, owner and operator of this gorgeous bridal shop, is one of my closest industry friends.  Her shop is just a few steps away from my own and we work together on projects all the time!  Sierra asked me to take a few quick pictures of her for the upcoming events, Brides Who Brunch.  We got some great stuff including a peek into her space!

For more information on Olivia Bowen Bridal, check out her website:

olivia bowen bridal_0002olivia bowen bridal_0003And here she is… Gorgeous Boho Bridal Superstar, Sierra!olivia bowen bridal_0004olivia bowen bridal_0005This is ALL Sierra.  She renovated this space with exposed brick, a tin ceiling, and french door dress racks!!  Amazing!
olivia bowen bridal_0001olivia bowen bridal_0007olivia bowen bridal_0006olivia bowen bridal_0008olivia bowen bridal_0009You must see these beauties yourself!  So much yummy texture <3
olivia bowen bridal_0010We all want her hair…olivia bowen bridal_0011olivia bowen bridal_0012olivia bowen bridal_0013olivia bowen bridal_0015olivia bowen bridal_0016olivia bowen bridal_0017

Persy Trunkshow Bridal Fashion Editorial

When my studio neighbor, Olivia Bowen Bridal, contacted me about the Persy trunk show at her shop, I was so excited to capture a fashion editorial! I have truly enjoyed devouring all things Persy Fashion as I spent the day capturing a few of his gowns and learning about his brand!

I love Persy’s modern bride style and wanted to capture it in a unique way.  I had my eye on a new space that just opened up on our same street with an -under construction- upper level; Hell ‘n Blazes Brewery. With the permission of the owner (thank you for snagging this for me, Sierra.  Quite the gift, I love you.), we shot the entire shoot in their unfinished space among broken glass, nails, and scrap wood.  I knew the raw space would bring attention to the delicate beauty of the model and dresses!  This juxtaposition of rough/soft coupled with a wall of window light is my JAM X10!  Another Downtown Melbourne neighbor, Julie Miner Events, provided the florals to further soften the look and our model, Meghan lent us her gorgeous self.  I hope I get to capture Meghan again; she is absolutely lovely and a natural beauty!

We shot 5 gowns in total before having to say goodbye to the dresses…

Editorial Credits:
Dress Designer: Persy Bridal
Bridal Shop: Olivia Bowen Bridal
Venue: Hell ‘n Blazes Brewing Co.
Floral: Julie Miner Events
Model: Meghan Lillian Ireland

Gown #1

persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0001persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0002persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0003persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0004persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0005persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0006persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0008persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0009persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0010Gown #2persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0011persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0012persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0013persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0014persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0015persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0016Gown #3persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0019persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0020persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0021persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0022persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0024persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0025persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0026persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0040persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0028Gown #4persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0029persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0030persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0031persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0032persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0033Gown #5persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0034persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0035persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0036persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0037persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0038persy oliva bowen bridal photography_0039

Jessica + Justin
Crowne Plaza, Melbourne Beach, FL

Jessica and Justin!!! I LOVE!! You may remember their super sweet engagement session from the blog; these two are back and more in love than ever with their big beach wedding <3

They are just as cute as can be, smiles from ear to ear from start to finish and I loved capturing all the sweet and silly moments throughout the day!  I also loved getting know all of the special people in their lives especially this lively wedding party who was so fun to photograph!  Be sure to check out their adorable stop action film at the end of this post!  And keep reading for more of their details… Congratulations Jessica and Justin!! We wish you all the happiness in the whole wide world and more!

Vendor Recipe:
Venue & Catering: Crowne Plaza Oceanfront, Melbourne Beach
Coordination: Linda Kelly and Kayla Jarek
Florist: Petals Florist
Makeup: Makeup by Sadia
Hair: Samantha O’neil
Cake: Creative Cakes by Dawn
Entertainment, Lighting: DJ Shane Entertainment
Dress: David’s Bridal
Videographer: Love it Wedding Films
2nd Photographer: Jennifer Shaver Photography

crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0001crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0002crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0003crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0004crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0005crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0006crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0007crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0008crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0009The two shared a special sneak peek first look prior to the ceremony and immediately went back into hiding.  Love!crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0010crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0011How cute is this easel!?  I was so excited to see all of their engagement photos used throughout their decor too!crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0012crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0013crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0014STUNNING!crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0015crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0016crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0017crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0018crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0019Best group hug, ever!crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0020crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0021crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0022crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0023crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0024Oh yes.
crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0026I just adore that big smile!!!  He does too 😉crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0027crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0028crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0029Gah!crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0030SO handsome <3crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0031crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0032crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0033crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0034crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0035crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0036LOVED these table cards!crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0037The engagement album we created from their e sesh was on display as their guest signing book; perfection!
crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0038crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0039crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0040crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0041crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0042crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0043crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0044SO MUCH FUN!crowne plaza melbourne beach wedding_0045

And the extra fun part <3 <3 <3

Jessica + Justin ~ Hitched! from Harmony Lynn Photography on Vimeo.

Melissa + Dan

I’m so excited to share this engagement session; such a sweet and beautiful couple full of things to celebrate!  Melissa is finishing her nursing degree, they just bought a new house, all while planning their big day!  Such an exciting time in their lives and I get to capture a little piece of the it!!

We started at Gleason Park for some greenery backdrop casual pictures:)

So in love, and I’m in love, with Melissa’s hair!!!satellite beach engagement session_0024I love her ring setting!Moving to Satellite Beach for more a relaxed evening finishing up our session!  We were definitely in the zone for these!  And her dress is so darling, take notes…satellite beach engagement session_0041SO pretty <3satellite beach engagement session_0028satellite beach engagement session_0030satellite beach engagement session_0034satellite beach engagement session_0047So handsome!satellite beach engagement session_0043satellite beach engagement session_0038Amazing!
satellite beach engagement session_0039