About Harmony Lynn Photography

Hi!  Welcome to my little part of the interwebs!!

I’m Harmony…

an editorial photographer and stylist/creative director based out of Melbourne, FL!

I describe my style as modern art editorial photography.  I love everything fashion and feminine and I have a very particular passion for bridal fashion having worked in the wedding industry for many years as a wedding photographer.  My work has been published all over the web on popular blogs and I’ve been honored to have my photographs grace the pages of international and local print magazines.

I call myself a “happy convert” from the performing to fine arts.  I dedicated my early life to piano and after college and 10 years of teaching, I was ready for a new obsession!  My passion slowly formed into this business which I’m so happy to share with you!  That’s me in the picture working the social media from #hlpheadquarters in Downtown Melbourne where I style and shoot all of my in-house editorials. <3

I’m married to my sweetie, Taylor, and together we have two chihuahuas and a little human, five-year-old Domenic!  We recently purchased a fixer-upper ehhh more like a dump of a dream house which I blog about from time to time.  If you have a passion for renovation, decor, party planning, and other pretty things, you should stop by my other blog Styled For Two and check out my latest project!  I am a very chatty socialite and find today’s social media world FABULOUS.  I would love to connect with you whether you are a photographer or friendly fan.  Find me on Facebook, Instagram, G+, and Vimeo!

I am a huge supporter of #communityovercompetition and lead the local “Tuesdays Together” group in Melbourne for creative entrepreneurs and small business CEOs.

Extraneous Harmony facts:  I love… VENTI salted caramel fraps, bike rides right before a thunderstorm, editing until I pass out, surprising my husband with elaborate dates yay #styledfortwo !!, tiny chihuahuas, failing hard at vlogging and then posting it, and eating sour patch kids until the roof of my mouth literally falls apart…  you know that feeling.