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~ Styled for Two ~
Over Achiever Date Night Inspiration!

Inspired by my love to surprise my husband with elaborately styled dates, this section of the website is dedicated to date night inspiration posts from my romantic heart!  I hope they reach someone searching for fresh date night ideas, anniversaries, just because, or maybe a proposal setting???  These posts are categorized on the blog as “Styled for Two” but can be adapted to any social setting from double dates, dinner parties, or even event design inspiration.

This personal project is a literal labor of love.  It is my goal to have a working list of date ideas to give couples looking for fresh ideas a place to gain inspiration.  Take a small idea from a post or do the whole shebang with my styling tips and menu prints! Any way you do it, the effort of putting together something unique for your special someone is what it’s all about <3

Have a suggestion?  I’d love to hear from you!  There is a comment section under the big list of dates below!


<3 Harmony

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