The Wedding Photographer

Hieee!  I’m Harmony… a wedding photographer based out of Melbourne, FL!

If you’re reading this then you’re probably considering HLP for your very special day!  I would love to meet you and hear all about your unique plans.  It’s what I live for.  In fact, I recreate inspiration details through “styled shoots” and elaborately styled dates for my husband (#styledfortwo) when I have down time because I get the -make it pretty- itch 24/7!  My work has been published all over the web on popular wedding blogs and I’ve been honored to have HLP weddings grace the pages of international and local print magazines.

I call myself a “happy convert” from the performing to fine arts.  I dedicated my early life to piano and after college and 10 years of teaching, I was ready for a new obsession!  My passion slowly formed into this business which I’m so happy to share with you!  That’s me in the picture working the social media from #hlpheadquarters in Downtown Melbourne where I meet with couples for the first time and work with them throughout their wedding planning experience <3

I describe my style as modern art wedding photography.  I love everything fashion and feminine!  My expertise in lighting gives me a dramatic edge throughout a wedding day and I’m known for my artistic sunset and nighttime portraits.  I strive to create original art and not Pinterest influenced shots.  I’m also known for my creative stop action videos that I take at every wedding and showcase as a preview to the big gallery.  If I tell you to move in crazy ways like a robot, I’m probably creating a stop action sequence!

I’m married to my sweetie, Taylor, and together we have two chihuahuas and a little human, four year old Domenic!  We recently purchased a fixer upper ehhh more like a dump of a dream house which I blog about from time to time.  If you have a passion for renovation, decor, party planning, and other pretty things, you should stop by the blog and check out my latest project!  I am a very chatty socialite and find today’s social media world FABULOUS.  I would love to connect with you whether you are a photographer or friendly fan.  Find me on Facebook, Instagram, G+, and Vimeo!

I am a huge supporter of #communityovercompetition and lead the local “Tuesdays Together” group in Melbourne for creative entrepreneurs and small business CEOs.  I’m also a promoter of education and teach several classes on photography and lighting.

Extraneous Harmony facts:  I love… VENTI salted caramel fraps, bike rides right before a thunderstorm, editing until I pass out, surprising my husband with elaborate dates yay #styledfortwo !!, tiny chihuahuas, failing hard at vlogging and then posting it, and eating sour patch kids until the roof of my mouth literally falls apart…  you know that feeling.

**I didn’t think anyone actually read the about me section of my website.  I would like to thank a few recent brides for the sour patch kids and fraps LOL!!!